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ScrumMaster, Get off Your High Horse

09/30/2013 by Raghu Angara, CSP

ScrumMastering by Clarity of Distance

09/26/2013 by Francesco Attanasio

Take the "Complexity" out of Estimation

09/26/2013 by Todd Wilson

A Method to Help Detect Problems When Using Scrum

09/25/2013 by Mirko Perkusich

Helping ScrumMasters Do Their Job Right!

Productive Scrum Teams

09/25/2013 by Bikash Sahu

Be Like a Rafting Team

Agile and Its Value: Part 2

09/24/2013 by saurabh mittal

A Case Study

Agile User Stories

09/20/2013 by Venkata Gayatri Krishnamurty Pammi

The Building Blocks for Software Project Development Success