Nonprofit Contributions to the Scrum and Agile Community

Scrum Alliance is a 501(C)(6) nonprofit, and a portion of your renewal fees helps us provide support and guidance to all of our communities and user groups throughout the world. Below are some highlights of our work to promote Scrum and agile as a nonprofit organization.



Fueling Community Programs and User Groups with over $4M in Funding!

Scrum Alliance obtained its accredited nonprofit status in 2006, empowering us to serve our mission of transforming the world of work. As a nonprofit, we can focus our funding on supporting you through learning and resources, customized training, industry-leading coaching and the largest Scrum community in the world. Our focus is on serving the Scrum Alliance community. Since 2007, we’ve invested over $4,000,000 back into the community. Here are some of the things you have helped us accomplish:

  • Support for over 150 user groups
  • Sponsorship of thousands of third party events and gatherings
  • Quality resources, including articles, podcasts, webinars, and more, for all - not only certificate holders



Supporting and Empowering Scrum and Agile Practitioners

Your support allows us to make Gatherings and events more accessible for everyone, everywhere. We do this by setting lower prices and subsidizing local gatherings around the world, empowering those communities. We offer funding and support to user groups with the resources they need to create memorable and exciting events. Additionally, specially curated content is made available to all those practicing Scrum and agile, not just certificate holders.



Transforming the World of Work

At Scrum Alliance, we know you want to be an impactful change agent. When you get your new certification or renew with Scrum Alliance, you are enabling change. Your money goes back into the community, helping to strengthen a worldwide network of Scrum and agile practitioners. Building this network transforms the world of work -- creating a fulfilling, joyful and inspiring workplace for people like you all around the world.


Connecting Like-Minded Agilists Close to Home and Around the World

We know that community is a key to success in learning about Scrum and sharing the knowledge that you’ve gained during your agile journey. Scrum Alliance supports over 150 user groups in 54 countries. Our user groups provide the opportunity for you to join a local community of agile and Scrum practitioners, or find an online group and join virtual meetings from anywhere in the world.




The Best Education and Career Paths for Scrum and Agile

Our carefully chosen Trainers and Coaches are not employed by Scrum Alliance, they work with us as partners and allies. Their pricing is specific to the classes that they teach, not governed by our organization. They have walked in your shoes to become Trainers and Coaches, meaning they will have answers to the problems you encounter. Scrum Alliance’s rigorous selection process is industry-leading, providing you the best Scrum education on the market. The Coaching and Training career path is rewarding, and we strive to make it available to everyone. Explore your path to becoming a CSP.

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