Scrum Alliance Launches Agile Matters

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4/8/2019 12:00:00 AM

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Heather Leigh
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Denver, CO — Scrum Alliance®, the largest, most established and influential professional membership organization and certifying body in the Agile community, has launched Agile Matters, an online hub where cutting-edge agile leaders from around the world will share the unique and successful ways they are creating workplaces that are more prosperous, happy, and productive.
“One of my favorite things about Scrum Alliance is how we bring people together so they can learn from one another,” said Howard Sublett, chief product owner of Scrum Alliance. “Agile Matters is a new online platform where our community can find and share stories about how agile is working around the world.”
Agile Matters launches with more than 20 articles and case studies, covering topics including agile outside of IT; agile in education, innovation and leadership; women in agile, and how to build agile teams – in the United States and abroad.
One article, “Being Well, Being Agile,” shows agility at work in an Australia psychological medicine clinic, and another, “Agile Apprentices,” shows how the U.K.’s Education and Skills Agency is using agile to develop a training program that will better support students entering into the workforce.
There’s also a story of success showing how one company shifted from a top-down “waterfall” approach to scrum. This particular case study stresses the impact of pre-existing organizational culture and values – the company’s vision, values, methods, obstacles and measures (V2MOM) management process laid the foundation for agile adoption and eased the company’s transition.  
Agile Matters readers can also find the results of Scrum Alliance’s Forbes Insights survey, mentioned in “How Healthcare, Education and Marketing Organizations are Using Scrum to Thrive.” Given that agile organizations see faster time to market, quicker innovation and increased customer satisfaction, employee morale and product quality, it’s no surprise that outside industries are expressing interest in agile. 
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