Scrum Alliance® Appoints Søren Filbert as First Board Chair From Outside the U.S.

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1/2/2024 12:00:00 AM

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Adam Shapiro

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DENVER — Jan. 2, 2024 — The board of directors of Scrum Alliance, Inc., which serves a global community with a mission to advance real-world agility, is proud to announce accomplished business entrepreneur and corporate leader Søren Filbert as its new chair, the first time the role will be filled by an international executive.

Filbert, based in Denmark, has extensive experience as a visionary CEO in the textile, fashion, tech, and workforce sectors and with board service with innovative for-profit and other international nonprofits. Filbert, a current Scrum Alliance board member, sees his expanded role as chair as an opportunity to further the nonprofit’s goal to nurture the agile movement by providing education, advocacy, research, community, and connection.

“Scrum Alliance is succeeding at equipping and inspiring the changemaker in everyone and this mission knows no boundaries. We have coaches from Gibraltar to South Korea and beyond, and now is the time to attract and engage even more members from around the globe in our effort to transform the world of work.

“In my years as a CEO, I’ve hired many Scrum Masters and Product Owners and have seen how the agile way of working and developing products and services is successful. It leads to better results in a faster time and changes the company culture for the better. To work in a real agile company is just more joyful, satisfying, and productive,” says Filbert. 

Scrum Alliance’s rigorous certification process enables professionals from the entry to executive level with career-advancing agile tools and the Scrum Alliance trainer and coach community are active agile experts equipped to transform the world of work with the agile mindset and scrum framework. 

Tristan Boutros, Scrum Alliance’s CEO, says, “As Søren takes on this position, I know our entire board and community are excited as a new year starts to further build on agile principles and values. Indeed, Søren’s role as board chair will help us to further inspire and equip the changemaker in everyone, from those who are just beginning their learning journey to those guiding others in understanding and applying agile and scrum. We also thank and are grateful to Michael Meissner for his accomplished service as our board chair and all that he has contributed.” 

Scrum Alliance is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. The board guides the organization toward a sustainable future by advising on strategy, ensuring legal and financial best practices, and advancing the organization's mission. The Scrum Alliance Board of Directors has a minimum of nine members. Of these, three are elected by Scrum Alliance members and referred to as Scrum Certified Member Directors.

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