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St Louis Agile LINC
St. Louis, Missouri, United States

London Agile Practitioners
London, United Kingdom

Agile Coffee
Irvine, California, United States

Capital Scrum of Maine
Augusta, Maine, United States

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An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

An Insight into Joint Retrospectives

This article talks about joint retrospectives -- why they are needed, who participates, when and where they are held, how they are handled, and their benefits and challenges.

Why Definition of “Minimum Marketable Feature” is as important as “Definition of Done”
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Do's and Don'ts of Agile Retrospectives

Do's and Don'ts of Agile Retrospectives

One of the core Agile practices is to inspect and adapt. . . . We should work on maximizing the benefits of the retrospective meeting and adapt according to its outputs, or it will turn into a useless ritual.

Agile Gamification

Agile Gamification

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