Certified Scrum Trainer®

Share the value of Scrum and Agile with eager students and help them transform the world of work

You've experienced the value of Scrum firsthand, and now you want others to see how valuable being Agile can be. With Scrum Alliance, your skills are in high demand. Leading organizations and development teams need the very skills you teach. As a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) or Registered Education Provider (REP), you'll help others transform their complex projects with greater innovation and efficiency through the use of Scrum.

What is a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST)?

As a CST, you're licensed to teach only those courses in which you hold a certification and for which you submitted training materials. You'll help others understand the principles and values that form the foundation of Scrum. And you'll grow as an individual and professional as you find creative ways to help organizations, and your peers adopt this Agile framework and capitalize on its benefits.
How do I become a Certified Scrum Trainer® ?
Please note that the Provisional CST Pilot Program is no longer active. Applications were accepted through September 30, 2013. Fndings are guiding our efforts as we inspect and strengthen the overall CST application process. We will announce any changes during the third quarter of 2014. The Traditional CST Application Process is the only current option.
Traditional CST Application Process
  1. Be a CSP in good standing.
  2. Submit CST Application, including evidence of delivery of ScrumMaster training sessions. The training sessions can include co-training with current CST's. You may also provide a video link highlighting an excerpt of your training expertise. Please also include recommendations.  Recommendations from CSTs and CSCs are encouraged and carry more weight than recommendations from other sources such as customers, agilists and others.
  3. Trainer Approval Community (TAC) reviews your application, where you will need 4 out of 5 members to approve your application.
  4. Accepted applicants are invited to an in-person interview (at a Global Scrum Gathering), where you will need 5 out of 7 members to approve your application.
  5. Approved applicants become CSTs.
  6. Declined applicants are given feedback on areas that need improvement and are encouraged to apply again when ready.
  7. $250 application fee.

What is a Registered Education Provider (REP)?

As a REP, you'll offer Scrum certification and noncertification courses. Through these courses, software developers will discover how to excel at Scrum and other Agile-related methods. And with the support you receive from Scrum Alliance, you'll be able to grow your business and become more successful.
Take the first step toward becoming a REP
Learn about the REP program and the many benefits of being affiliated with Scrum Alliance.