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Global Scrum Gathering® Phoenix 2015

Videos with SolutionsIQ -- Live from Global Scrum Gathering® Phoenix

Get to know Manny Gonzalez the new CEO of the Scrum Alliance!

Bringing Creativity Back - Using story cubes to inspire conversations

Richard Cheng - "So you want to be a Scrum trainer" at the Global Scrum Gathering

Changing the world of work - Agile, Lean, and in between with Peter Green

Catherine Louis talks design thinking and failure patterns

Lance Dacy discusses DFW Scrum- one of the largest Scrum user groups in the world

Stories of Scrum at Hope High School: The Freedom to Teach and Learn

JJ Sutherland - Scrum from the streets of Baghdad to the boardrooms of Silicone Valley

Stephen Denning: Change or die, and other time tested advice

Mastering Retrospectives with Zuzi Sochova (and her blue hair)

Jim McCarthy - Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix Closing Keynote

Mike Cohn - Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix 2015 Keynote

Skip Angel on "The Naked History of the Agile Transformation Industry"

Steve Holyer - How to ensure a successful team Liftoff using Agile chartering

Harvey Wheaton - Scrum Alliance Chairman of the Board

Kalpesh Shah on techniques to drive innovation

Tirrell Payton and John Miller talk paired coaching

The Agile Superhero Show - Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson and Joe Justice

How to Have Agile Conversations with Executives - Bob Hartman

Michael Dalton and Tom Mellor on Product Owner Complexity Thinking

Understanding human interactions to create better teams with Michael Wolf

How to Conduct Large Distributed Team Retrospectives with Luke Hohmann

Joe Justice on Scrum for Full-Scale Manufacturing

XP, Scrum, SAFe and beyond - Hot topics with Ron Jeffries & Chet Hendrickson

Business Models, Pivots, Architecture and Agility - Jason Tanner

Maria Matarelli on the Importance of Maintaining a Sustainable Pace

Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix 2015 Co - Chairs Daniel Gullo & Stephen Forte

SH*T Bad Scrum Coaches Say - Bob Galen

Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix Recap with Manny Gonzalez


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