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The Scrum framework

Faced with a complex project? Use Scrum to improve teamwork, communications, and speed. See how!

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SolutionsIQ Live Interviews at Agile 2015 Conference

Daniel Vacanti: Why Winning the Lottery is More Predictable than Your Agile Project


Michael Hamman: Helping Executives Become Agile Coaches


Ellen Gottesdiener: Agile Requirements - User Stories, Backlogs, & Beyond


Sally Elatta: The Agility Health Assessment Tool


Shane Hastie: The Evolution of Agile


Paul Goddard: Improvisssing with Agile


Esther Derby: Six Rules for Change


David J. Bland: Designing for Innovation - Empowering Your People


Judy Neher: Abuser Stories - Think Like the Bad Guy


Lyssa Adkins: Mentoring vs Coaching - Show Me the Difference


Jim Benson: Stop Using User Stories and Start Using Hypotheses


Beyong Legace Code:  Nine Practices to Extend the Life (and Value) of Your Software


Pat Reed: Addressing Enterprise Adoption Blockers


Brian Bozzuto: Stories from a Coach on the Other Side of the Desk


Think Like a Startup - Yahoo's Comeback Story


Anders Wallgren: Lessons with an Agile OTC


Johanna Rothman: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization


Catching up with Ron Jefferies and Chet Hendrickson


Craig Larman & Bas Vodde: More with LeSS


Mark Levison: 5 Steps for Creating High Performing Teams


Jeff Sutherland: Aggressive Scrum to Produce Real Value


Tim Ottinger: Find Your Calm


Mark Kilby: Distributed Teams


Jeff Patton: User Story Mapping - Don't Lose the Big Picture


Declan Whelan & Jason Little: Navigating the Complexity of Organization Change


Ken Rubin: How to Embrase Agile Throughout the Enterprise


Manny Gonzalez: Scrum Alliance® CEO 90 Day Check-In


Brandon Raines: Agile in the Federal Government - Agile 2015


Mike Vizdos: Importance of Attending Scrum Alliance Coaches Clinic - Agile 2015 


Lisa Crispin: Agile Testing and Donkeys - Agile 2015 


Will Evans: Learn Like A Scientist - Designing Experiments Using Lean UX   



Click here for SolutionIQ videos from the Global Scrum Gathering® Phoenix 2015 


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