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The Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy 2015 Report


Presented to the Drucker Forum in Vienna, Austria

November 4, 2015

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During 2015, Scrum Alliance opened an exciting new chapter for the organization with the successful implementation of a Learning Consortium for the Creative Economy (LC). This involved 11 companies, including Microsoft, Ericsson, and Magna International, which conducted a series of mutual site visits to investigate the hypothesis that a fundamental management makeover is underway in organizations around the world.

The site visits revealed a striking convergence toward a set of management goals, principles, and values that are markedly different from the management practices of hierarchical bureaucracy. Noting a variety of labels that include Agile, Scrum, DevOps, and Lean, the site visits revealed a common mindset that included:

  • Goals that focused on adding value and innovation for customers.
  • Managers acting as enablers rather than controllers.
  • The use of autonomous teams, and networks of teams, in some cases operating at large scale on complex and mission-critical tasks.
  • The coordination of work through iterative, customer-focused practices.
  • Embodiment of the values of transparency and continuous improvement.

In workplaces where leaders pursued these goals, principles, and values over a sustained period with the requisite mindset, the site visits revealed workforces that are remarkably engaged, and organizations that display an enhanced agility to respond to unexpected shifts in the marketplace and a capability to generate continuous added value for customers.

LC members found the experience extremely worthwhile and invite others to make the same journey of discovery. Organizations wishing to participate in the 2016 Learning Consortium can contact Scrum Alliance at  

Note: The content of this report is licensed under the creative commons license, which authorizes the free distribution and use of content, as long as attribution is included and the content is not changed or used for monetary purposes without explicit permission to do so

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