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AgileVox Story Ideas

About AgileVox

AgileVox is the premier publication for the innovative Agile practitioner who is passionate about all things Scrum and Agile. This dynamic, biannual magazine is distributed throughout the global Agile community.

Readers access features that address a wide range of topics aimed at transforming your world of work: Agile-related trends across all industries, success stories, issues of diversity, challenges, and solutions. Personality profiles spotlight thought leaders in the industry. AgileVox is a publication of Scrum Alliance.  

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for top-quality, humanistic story pitches that address cutting-edge ideas and present fresh perspectives on what it means to be truly Agile — the successes, the struggles, and everything in between. These pitches must constitute your original, unpublished ideas. We favor submission pitches from contributors who are leaders in and knowledgeable about the industries and topics the publication regularly covers. Practice and leadership topics (including productivity, creativity, career development, culture, strategy, and innovation) that relate to Scrum and Agile are of interest if there are clear takeaways for our readers.

Please do not submit fully written articles. We have an incredibly talented group of experienced journalists who capture stories with quotes, facts, and unique perspectives. Once a pitch has been accepted — and if the article is assigned — all submissions are subject to editing by the AgileVox editorial staff. We reserve the right to change headlines and subheads, edit content for style and/or substance, add links for context, and add art at staff's discretion. Articles may or may not be promoted across the Scrum Alliance website, in our newsletters, and via our social feeds.

Submitting Your Ideas

Please be as specific as possible in developing your idea, tailoring your pitch to a regular department or feature section – Agile Beyond IT, Diversity in Agile, Agile Leadership, Agile in the Community, Agile in Education. Remember that the topic must be related to Scrum and Agile. While you may discuss your personal experiences, if relevant, article ideas that serve purely as self-promotion will not be accepted. 

Due to the volume of queries we receive, we are unable to accept telephone calls related to queries, or to discuss the merits of your idea. Instead, send your idea in writing via e-mail to Include as many facts, sources, and images as possible so we can thoroughly evaluate your story. Fact and quote checking is always included in our editorial process in case your submission is accepted. We will follow up via e-mail within 90 days and develop the idea fully with you. Since we receive queries every day, we cannot answer immediately. Be sure to include your contact information: name, address, phone number, email address, and Twitter handle (if applicable).

Submitting Your Photography

We’re interested in photography that tells a story about your Agile career or represents our global Agile community. Examples include photography from your local or regional user group events or images of Agile or Scrum ceremonies in your workplace. We are also looking for images of the landscape and culture of your area. All submissions should be six to eight images. Submissions may be mailed to:

c/o Editor-in-Chief
7401 Church Ranch Blvd. #210
Westminster, CO 80021

No originals please as they will not be returned. We will respond within 90 days. Please include protective packaging to ensure safe shipment. All images selected for publication will credit the photographer.

If you are submitting digital images, please email 300dpi JPEG images at full size to

We can only accept photos from the photographer, as they are the copyright holder of the images.

Thank you for your contribution!


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