Melissa Boggs on Reluctant Agilist Podcast

Dave Prior, of The Reluctant Agilist, recently interviewed Chief ScrumMaster Melissa Boggs about what it means for an organization like Scrum Alliance to transform its leadership structure in such a radical way.

As he put it, "Last Fall, Scrum Alliance took the bold step of changing their leadership structure from a traditional model to one that was based around a Chief Product Owner and Chief Scrum Master. Even for an organization whose mission is to “change the world of work” this was a brave experiment to run because it has never been done before. You can find examples of a Chief PO leading a group of POs, but for an organization to transform its leadership team in this way is a huge change that, if successful, could have a ripple effect impacting how organizations are structured and staffed from the very top on down."

Hear the full conversation and see what you think.

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