Unscripted tells the story of our own agile transformation journey through the eyes of Chief ScrumMaster and Certified Agile Coach Melissa Boggs, Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett, and our team at Scrum Alliance.

You'll find a mix of live videos and impromptu blogs. Plus, whenever we talk about our journey on a podcast or other publication, we will link to it from here. We hope that hearing about our successes—and our failures—helps you and your team wherever you are on your path to sustainable agility.

Scrum Alliance 2019: A Retrospective


Scrum Alliance went through a dramatic transformation in 2019. Find out how it's going, what went well, and what we've learned so far.

Agile Team Swarm Day


A couple of sprints ago, our team committed to spending one day fully focused on delivering value together. Our plan was to dedicate one full day to sit together in one room and work on one story until it was finished. Here's how it went...

Live from Menlo: Agile 2019, Agile Hiring & Empathy Toys


In this video, Scrum Alliance Chief SM Melissa Boggs and Chief PO Howard Sublett join you live from Menlo Innovations. They share what it's like to be at Menlo after reading Richard Sheridan's Joy, Inc. and Chief Joy Office, key takeaways from Agile 2019, and how we are using an empathy toy for agile hiring.

Agile Hiring: Our New Way of Interviewing


Melissa Boggs describes how we've adapted Menlo's Extreme Interviewing events for use at Scrum Alliance. Find out how our first few agile hiring events went, what a typical schedule is like, and what we learned through the process.

Live from Westminster: Experiments in Hiring & Lessons Learned from Co-Leading


In this Facebook Live video, Melissa Boggs and Howard Sublett share some of the joys and challenges  they have faced together since their last update. You'll hear about a new way of hiring, a gratitude challenge, and some of the hard things about co-leading.

Agile Organizations with Melissa Boggs


In this podcast, Melissa Boggs joins Ryan Ripley to discuss her new role as co-CEO at Scrum Alliance, the power of cross-functional teams, and how to use HR practices in an agile world.

On the Road to Whole, Healthy Teams


Thoughts about #SGRIO2019, first sprint review, hiring SMs and POs, and the "why" behind this change. 

First Sprint Review


Chief ScrumMaster Melissa Boggs and Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett vlog about Scrum Alliance's first sprint review with our newly formed cross-departmental teams. They also share some of the challenges of speaking and leading together. Plus an Austin Gathering recap and Vienna Gathering invitation. 

Stepping out of Fear and into Possibility


Howard Sublett gives a candid view into his own fear in the face of great change & how he's learning to harness it for good. Plus, Howard offers some insight into ways Scrum Alliance is working to become radically customer-centric.

Featured on the Reluctant Agilist Podcast


Scrum Alliance Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett sat down with Dave Prior on a recent podcast episode. The discussion ranged from Dan Pink's opening keynote at Scrum Gathering Austin 2019 to an update on the recent shift in Scrum Alliance leadership. Dave says, "At 15:38, something really important ... happens. Howard refers to a question he asked Melissa during the first episode of Unscripted. The question was, 'How are WE doing as a LEADER?' ... The way the question is encoded demonstrates a very subtle but important aspect of an agile mindset. Howard and Melissa have [complementary] but different roles in the Scrum Alliance and the two of them together function as a single leader."

Making Mistakes & Enabling Change


Howard Sublett talks with Roxi Ozolins of Agile Amped about Scrum Alliance, his new joint leadership role with Melissa Boggs, and what the experience has taught Howard so far. “We have a shared responsibility to lead the organization. Neither can be successful without the other,” says Howard. “Yes, we’re going to make some mistakes but by God we don’t want to make someone else's mistakes, we want to make brand new mistakes; we want to make mistakes that no one else have ever made before. We'll adapt from them and help the organization move forward.”

RSG Hyderabad Recap - Facebook Live


Recapping the Regional Scrum Gathering® 2019 - Hyderabad from the back of a Tuk-Tuk in India.

Planes, trains, automobiles... and people.


Howard Sublett, Chief Product Owner, shares his heart for the community while in flight to India for the Regional Scrum Gathering Hyderabad. 

Phoenix Edition at Hope High School - Facebook Live


Howard visits the Hope High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Melissa Boggs on Reluctant Agilist Podcast


In this Reluctant Agilist podcast, Dave Prior interviews Chief ScrumMaster Melissa Boggs about her new role, what it entails, and how she will bring her experience as a Certified Agile Coach (CAC) into her new leadership role.

#failurebow, futurespecting, and life at Scrum Alliance


End of February Check-in from Howard Sublett, Chief Product Owner and Melissa Boggs, Chief ScrumMaster. Topics include: Unscripted cadence, life at Scrum Alliance, and this week's workshop! 

30 Days In - Facebook Live


It's been 30 Days. Some updates to share: CSM Test update, New Unscripted site, Rebooted Coaches Retreat.

On Newness, Ego, and Servant Leadership 


The challenges of being a new servant leader. 

Episode .5 - Facebook Live


New Unscripted approach, our roles and how we approach them. Also offering a subsidy for government workers unduring the Goverment Shutdown.

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