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ScrumBoard for Distributed Teams

Being a member of Scrum Alliance, I thought I would share an online scrumboard tool I developed with fellow members. The tool is available at

I have been practicing Scrum for almost two years now. I have tried a number of tools to facilitate planning, tracking, and management. These experiments reinforced my bias for simplicity and putting people interactions before process and tools. The most basic tool that all teams I worked with eventually converged on for sprint tracking was a sticky-and-whiteboard scrumboard. While this tool works great for teams that are co-located, it does not feel natural for distributed teams. The tool I developed is meant to fill that gap. TangyOrange.Scrum is an online scrumboard application facilitating management and tracking of Scrum sprints. The application promotes agile collaboration of distributed teams by offering concurrent access to the scrumboard by multiple users. Burndown chart enables Scrum project tracking. Scrumboard data can be exported to the CSV format then processed and analyzed in most popular spreadsheet applications, including Excel. The application is built using Microsoft Silverlight 2 and therefore runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari on a Mac or PC.

You can test the basic and advanced features of the web application at The concurrent access by multiple users can be experienced by navigating to this URL from two or more side-by-side browser windows at the same time.

The tool is free for the first 40 days. After that time, the cost to maintain write access to the tool is $5 every 40 days.


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