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Open Space Notes: Impact of Scrum on Performance Review Systems

These notes come from Daniel P. Noonan 


Impact of Scrum on Performance Review Systems


  • One person noted that they had ScrumMasters identify top 5 competencies for themselves as a unit.  They self assessed & team assessed on those traits as well.
  • Scrum may impact performance objectives in some material ways.  Perhaps phrasings of goals would be impacted.  "When on a scrum team .....".
Team assessment should factor into individual performance review discussions.

We want well functioning scrum teams so it seems to make sense to measure & factor team performance into the individual performance equation.  The devil is in the details, though.  

How do you productively do this?

  • Need to get out in front of the "rock star on a low performing team" and "slacker on a well performing team" situations.   

What exactly is it that you are going to measure?

How do you know you have a well performing team?  

We did seem to land on the fact that an element of team performance might be a component of a scrum team member's personal assessment.  

Scrum Yields Higher Value Peer Feedback

A recurring theme seemed to be that maybe Scrum doesn't impact the logistics of performance reviews & management, but perhaps the transparency afforded by Scrum results in higher value peer feedback a manager typically gathers when executing assessments.

Suggested Resources 

Suggestion to check out "A CIO's Playbook For Implementing Scrum". There are some suggestions there as far as reward systems are concerned.

One person indicated they used the regular cadence of Scrum to facilitate more feedback sessions.  A group feedback session was held after each sprint retrospective.  Each team member rated others.  Feedback was open\verbal & captured by scribe.  Each person walked out with their own assessments.  Perhaps the basic cadence of scrum can have a material impact.


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