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Scrum in a Dispersed Environment

Scrum in A Dispersed Environment

How To Manage The Development Game With Players Around The World

The experts say that Scrum as a process works best when the development team is in the same place, so that communications between team members is not only constant, but consistently understood. But what if teams are dispersed? Is it impossible to apply Scrum practices across multiple geographies?

Tele Atlas CTO Bruce Radloff doesn’t think so. His development groups are focused on delivering continuously updated digital maps, and they do so despite being scattered across four United States, two Central European locations and an increasing number of locations in Asia Pacific. The teams have worked through their cultural and geographic differences and successfully applied Scrum techniques to create and regularly update the leading map database for personal and in car navigation, Internet, and mobile devices and applications.

In this keynote session, Mr. Radloff described the challenges and secrets to success in using Scrum across a growing, global organization. His experience continuously updating a database that incorporates 51 terabytes of data will give attendees the best perspectives in how to apply Scrum techniques in one of the more dispersed and challenging of environments.


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