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Managers Role in Scrum

Wednesday, 14 November, 10.45-12.15
"The Manager's Role in Scrum"
Presenter: Henrik Kniberg, CSP, Crisp AB, Sweden

Scrum defines only three roles, and none of them is Manager. Yet the middle manager is often the person best positioned to introduce Scrum in the organization. Middle managers need to understand that their role in Scrum is as important as ever, but that some aspects of the role will be fundamentally different. Some managers will love the new role description, some will hate it. It is important that managers don't feel lost and forgotten, as this will create unnecessary resistance and hamper the adoption of Scrum. As Scrum practitioners it is our job to help managers understand that they are as important as ever, but that their role will be different in many aspects. In this session we go through the manager's role in Scrum and identify ways to address the most common questions and objections.


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