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Why Scrum Intimidates

Wednesday, 14 November, 10.45-12.15
"Why Scrum Intimidates"
Presenter: Alexandre Magno, CSP, aXmagno Consulting, Brazil

Topics explored include:
1. Cultural resistance in Scrum adoption: What are the cultural problems that obstruct the adoption of Scrum in companies all around the world? Using this question we visit many bad habits that exist in companies’ culture worldwide and we understand why Scrum is intimidating for people used to this viciousness routine.
2. Why Scrum intimidates? In this part we make an evaluation of some Scrum practices and cross this information with the main cultural problems and we understand why Scrum intimidates some teams.
3. Traditional techniques to Scrum promotion: With the main bad habits mapped, we analyze many facilitation strategies used today for the community promote Scrum and we see how they attack (if so) those cultural problems.
4. Alternative techniques to promote Scrum: In many projects and companies, always finding cultural problems in different teams, I tried many different alternative techniques to promote Scrum, sometimes successfully, not in others. In this part we understand the importance of, before any Scrum facilitation or promotion, understand the company’s culture... know the teams. We see how we do it.
5. An example: Kingsoftware – The Novel: Novels are part of my country’s culture, Brazil. And through them I could elaborate one of my successful Scrum promotion techniques. The “Kingsoftware” slide novel tells the story of a software development company, in Jamaica, which is starting the development of a new product, but using traditional methods (waterfall). During the novel, we follow the different problems found by the characters in the project’s routine. In this point the team identifies itself with the novel... and see themselves inside it. From this point on all “spectators” have the mission to save Kingsoftware project... adopting Scrum.
6. Initially using slides (.ppt), the Kingsoftware novel received different formats in different companies and projects, including a theatrical version.
7. Achieved results: Here I explore the advantages I had adopting facilitation and promotion practices directed to specific company, city and/or country culture. How did it change the receptivity to my services and to Scrum?


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