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This Will Never Work on our Organization

Thursday, 15 November, 13.30-15.00
"This Will Never Work in Our Organisation!”
Presenter: François Bachmann, CSP, Itecor, Switzerland
Corporate culture: diagnosing decision making structures. Your company has a history and this will influence how you need to go about introducing change. Finding out what has gone wrong in the past, who was responsible for it, and who is now calling the shots (regardless of your org chart) will greatly enhance your chances of introducing any new process. Change, risk, insecurity, and other threats. Every company faces change, be it internal or external. The company's unique perception of risk and insecurity will inevitably shape its way of dealing with upcoming threats - and Scrum is perceived as such! We look at some common risk handling strategies and communication efforts you can make to align the perception of Scrum with these. Common impediments to Scrum: In impediments to corporate change, it's important to distinguish objections from obstacles and to "put the fish on the table" in a constructive way. This is a review of some common "Scrum smells." Where do I start? A pilot (or seed) project is a good thing, but it needs to be followed up with focused communication to multiply. Some advice is given on how to avoid staying in the Scrum sandbox. Introducing Scrum in any organisation by just sending a group of people to CSM training is a bit naïve at best, irresponsible at worst. Some Scrum "failures" are based in the inability of the new ScrumMasters to get the need for profound change across. Participants take away an enhanced aptitude to diagnose how ready their organisation is for introducing an agile process like Scrum. Concrete examples are provided to enable them to communicate this need to Management in a non-threatening way, in order to bring about the attitude change needed for a successful introduction of Scrum.


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