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Sharing Scrum Smells

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Wednesday, 14 November, 10.45-12.15
"Sharing More than Deodorant for Scrum Smells"
Presenter: Rowan Bunning, CSP, Wizard Information Services, Australia

Agile practitioners are constantly being challenged by method implementation issues - things that just don't smell right. Whether it be missing, poorly implemented or inappropriate practices, dysfunctions, misaligned pathologies or lack of expertise, the root cause of these impediments and the best way to go forward is often unclear. Even with a good understanding of the guiding values and principles, the absence of guidance at a more practical level means that the practitioner must often re-invent solutions from first principles. It would be helpful if we could readily draw on the practical experience of others who have successfully overcome similar problems. Unfortunately, this material is hidden in multiple books, papers and online postings and is time consuming and difficult to find and assimilate. Clearer and more accessible guidance could help to make the agile journey less arduous and more successful - particularly for less experienced new adopters. This session embarks on an exploration of agile process smells, causes and possible solutions. To do this, it draws on a varied body of existing smell catalogs and experience reports spanning XP and Scrum, and builds on this with observations from the presenter's own experience and that of the audience. This material is presented with a health warning: use only as appropriate to your unique situation. There appears to be much room for improvement on better sharing our answers to agile implementation challenges. This session investigates what role a catalogue of agile smells and solutions might have in addressing this. It aims to stimulate sharing of common agile smells and possible solutions as a way of collaborative learning about how to assist teams in succeeding with agile at a practical level.


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