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Being an Effective Product Owner - B&W version

2007 Fall Scrum Gathering: London

Wednesday, 14 November, 13.30-15.00
“Being an Effective Product Owner” (Black and white version)
Presenter: Roman Pichler, CST, Pichler Consulting, United Kingdom

The product owner plays a crucial part in Scrum: The product owner leads and guides the Scrum project. The product owner decides which requirements are implemented and when the software is shipped. Having a strong, empowered product owner is a key success factor for Scrum projects – just like a strong, empowered team is. This talk provides insights into being an effective product owner. It introduces the three key responsibilities of the agile product owner: being the voice of the customer, managing the release, collaborating closely with the team and managing stakeholders proactively. It discusses important product owner practices that help optimising value creation and customer satisfaction.


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