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Agile at Siemens

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Thursday, 15 November, 10.45-12.15
"Pragmatic Solutions to Agile Real-Life Problems"
Presenter: Sabine Canditt, CSP, Siemens AG, Germany


The introduction of agility in big companies like Siemens face typical challenges like:

Complex lifecycles (Portfolio Management, Sales, Marketing, Service…)
Many dependencies (Related projects, disciplines within one project, …)
Many stakeholders
No direct customer access
Big teams, distributed teams
Outsourcing / offshoring

Although it is advisable to start small (optimally with pilot projects that can be handled by small, collocated teams), it is necessary to provide a perspective that there are solutions to these challenges. This presentation will outline some real-life solutions, that have been developed as answers to questions like:

How to set up a (distributed) team structure?
How to prioritize and break down requirements?
How to integrate regarding complex dependencies?
How to ensure quality?
How to synchronize with the non-agile world?

Some of these examples have obvious drawbacks but still are feasible evolutionary steps directing towards an agile enterprise. They don’t provide “one size fits all” solutions but shall encourage teams and organization to think about own ways considering their specific conditions and needs.


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