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Scrum at Yahoo

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Wednesday, 14 November, 15.30-17.00
"Integrating Scrum with the Process Framework at Yahoo!"  
Presenters: Karl Scotland, CSM & Alexandre Boutin, CSM, Yahoo!, United Kingdom & France

Like many international organisations, Yahoo! has a Process Group, who's role it is to help manage the huge portfolio of projects.  This generally involves prescribing a standard process, which can be challenging for Agile methods such as Scrum that emphasise self-organisation.  This presentation describes how Yahoo! have approached that challenge, and what solutions they have come up with. The talk describes how the Process Group has implemented its strategy through its own inspect and adapt cycle.  This has seen a move from a position of controlling, to one of championing, allowing for local definition, implementation, coaching and evaluation.  Along the way, language has evolved from one of waterfall-based stages and gates, to one of more Agile-friendly checkpoints. This topic is of interest to Scrum Gathering attendees because it presents a real experience report of how a well-known brand has met the challenges of scaling Scrum at an international level. Gain insight into how you might approach similar challenges.


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