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Coaching Trap

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Thursday, 15 November, 13.30-15.00
"The Coaching Trap"
Presenter: Andreas Schliep, CSP, SPRiNT iT GmbH, Germany

When you are working as a coach with new ScrumMasters, there are things you should really keep in mind...

- Don't do their work
- Let them learn on their own
- It's not your code
- Don't push
- Don't take it personally

I've been responsible for other ScrumMasters since 2004. As a leader, facilitator, coach. I started to work as an external Scrum coach one year ago. Time for a retrospective, I thought. When I reflected on my work and the work of my fellow coaches, I discovered quite a couple of pits we've fallen into, common misconceptions and typical reactions. And I started to recollect them, trying to find patterns that might be instructional and helpful for other Scrum coaches in similar situations.

This zip file contains three different PDF outputs:

1. CoachingTrap_ScrumGatheringFall2007.pdf

The regular presentation in color

2. CoachingTrap_ScrumGatheringFall2007BWHandouts.pdf

The handouts in b/w

3. CoachingTrap_ScrumGatheringFall2007BWSheets.pdf

The presentation sheets in b/w


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