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TDD and Scrum

Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Wednesday, 14 November, 15.30-17.00
"Piloting of Test-driven Development in Combination with Scrum"
Presenter: Christian Schmidkonz, CSM & Jürgen Staader, SAP AG, Germany

After a short introduction into Test Driven Development (TDD) the goals, aspects and results of piloting of TDD (XP methods test first, pair programming, refactoring and continuous integration) in combination with Scrum in an international and distributed project team are presented, based on experiences of the first known combined usage of Scrum and TDD. At first the very interesting effects and impacts in the project team are elucidated along with new expertise on how TDD and Scrum fit together. On one hand the effects of test first, pair programming in particular to the social environment of the team are highlighted including how the remote collaboration worked, on the other hand the effects of the temporary collaboration of the team with the external trainer are pointed out. Finally, the improvements of the software development in the project are emphasized, including clear recommendations.    
What changes in a Scrum project by adding TDD and how to do it, as well as how TDD impacts the team and the project and the positive results/effects are presented.


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