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Fall 2007 Scrum Gathering: London

Thursday, 15 November, 10.45-12.15
"Product Owner at SAP - a New Job Title Developed"
Presenters: Christian Schmidkonz, CSM & Henrik Stotz, CSM, SAP AG, Germany

Agile methodologies in software development already created several success stories if we talk about increased efficiency, flexibility and quality of projects and code. In this presentation the focus is on another success story, the Product Owner as key figure for a holistic and sustainable Product Management. What is the real challenge of a Product Owner based on experiences of more than 70 projects at SAP?  How to educate and support the Product Owner to do an excellent job? What knowledge and skills are required for this important role? A fundamental finding out of the very extensive experiences with Scrum at SAP was that the Product Owner role requires clearly more attention and education. SAP started in January 2006 to integrate a Product Owner specific role in its internal ScrumMaster Training. In the meantime from further experiences a clearly advanced training offer for the Product Owner was developed. This session contains an extensive training with focus on tools, methodology, communication and personality development. The tools for end-to-end requirements engineering are imparted as well as practises for adaptive and user oriented definition of new products, e.g. design lead innovation or phase-oriented feature planning. The so-called mentoring program supports him in addition for the development of personnel skills on how to deal more confident with uncertain facts as well as the optimization of his communication skills for stakeholder management.  


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