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Seven Fundamentals for Effective Daily Standups

Seven Fundamentals for Effective Daily Standups

by Stacia L. Broderick

Embracing these seven fundamentals for effective daily standups can effectively combat DSW.

  1. The team believes in self-management and supports that existence.
  2. They have all committed (as a team!) to the goals of the sprint
  3. They realize the importance of communication and are utilizing the daily scrum to help facilitate this communication.
  4. They understand and embrace that the order of, dependency between, and necessity of tasks will change on a daily basis throughout the sprint cycle; meeting daily allows team members to manage these changes and respond accordingly.
  5. The team has an effective ScrumMaster or leader who empowers them to make decisions and take accountability.
  6. Teams realize the importance of making work visible; transparency improves the nature of the relationship between the team and the rest of the organization, resulting in higher levels of trust and collaboration.
  7. The team will retrospect on the daily standup, along with other process “milestones” to make meetings as effective as possible.


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