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Certified member

Membership in SCRUM ALLIANCE® is offered to those who have earned the Certified Scrum Master®, Certified Scrum Product Owner®, Certified Scrum Developer®, Certified Scrum Professional®, Certified Scrum Coach® or Certified Scrum Trainer® designation. For Certified Scrum Master® and Certified Scrum Product Owner® courses, membership fees are paid by your trainer for the first two years*, but renewal and advanced certification fees are your responsibility.

Check out more details on our certificate options.

* Course attendees must be approved for certification by the instructor to be eligibe for certified membership privileges.

Basic member

Our basic membership level offers individuals who aren't Scrum certified access to sections of our website that aren't available to the general public, including an expanded profile, case-studies, and the ability to comment on and participate in article discussions.

Basic members also enjoy discounts at certain events sponsored by the SCRUM ALLIANCE® and receive a monthly newsletter packed with the latest industry information. Sign up today and receive a two-year subscription for only $100 USD. Learn more about our Basic membership!