Hacking Management with Gary Hamel

Learning Consortium Webinar Series


Date: June 17, 2015

The fifth in our series of webinars from the Learning Consortium, this lively webinar with management renegade Gary Hamel explores what it will take to radically change traditional methods of management today and in the future.
Discussion topics include:
  • Confronting core incompetency
  • Rethinking the foundations of management
  • Changing the way we change
  • Building tomorrow's capabilities today
  • Becoming a management renegade
Presenters include:
  • Gary Hamel, director of Management Innovation eXchange and London Business School faculty member
  • Steve Denning, Scrum Alliance® Board of Directors
  • Jay Goldstein, adjunct lecturer in entrepreneurship at McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Michael Pacanowsky, Gore-Giovale Chair in Business Management, Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College
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