Agile and the Transformation of the Workplace

Learning Consotrium Webinar Series

Date: May 20, 2015


The fourth in our series of webinars from the Learning Consortium, this webinar gives a brief update on the progress of the Learning Consortium, and explores how Agile and the implementation of the Creative Economy are transforming the workplace.
Discussion topics include:
  • How the Agile movement is part of a larger management revolution that will transform the workplace
  • How technological innovation is redefining the purpose of a business
  • The five disciplines innovative organizations practice to effectively manage at rapid pace of change
  • The divide between management and Agile made from a decision-making point of view
  • How decision making can serve to put the tension between Agile and management to good use
  • The three things Agile decision makers can do before communicating to management that will help close the divide
Presenters include:
  • Rod Collins, director of Innovation, Optimity Advisors
  • Dawna Jones, author of Decision Making for Dummies
  • Steve Denning, Scrum Alliance® Board of Directors
  • Jay Goldstein, adjunct lecturer in entrepreneurship at McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Michael Pacanowsky, Gore-Giovale Chair in Business Management, Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College
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