Agile and the Creative Economy

Learning Consortium Webinar Series


Date: February 19, 2015


The second in our series of webinars from the Learning Consortium, this presentation dives deeper into the theory of the Creative Economy, as well as outlines objectives of the Learning Consortium.
Discussion topics include:
  • Further implications of the Creative Economy
  • How Agile practices are shifting management practices for the better
  • Implications of scaling Agile practices and values across the entire organization
  • Progress on putting together the Learning Consortium
Presenters include:
  • Steve Denning, Scrum Alliance® Board of Directors
  • Jay Goldstein, adjunct lecturer in entrepreneurship at McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University
  • Michael Pacanowsky, Gore-Giovale Chair in Business Management, Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College
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