Getting started with Scrum

Embark on the journey of transforming your workplace with Scrum

Transitioning to Agile and Scrum requires a new mindset and overall cultural adjustments. And like all change, it doesn't come easy. But when teams and organizations fully commit to Scrum, they'll discover a new sense of flexibility, creativity, and inspiration — all of which will lead to greater results. Certified Scrum Coaches and Trainers and Scrum Alliance Registered Education Providers can help you navigate this transformative journey.

About training

Training can mean the difference between a team that truly embraces and understands Scrum and one that is just following a management directive. Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) and Registered Education Providers (REPs) can help your team effectively make the transition.
  • Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) play a vital role in Scrum Alliance. They are licensed to teach Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses within your workplace. Scrum Alliance imposes stringent requirements for prospective CSTs to ensure only those who are qualified serve as trainers.
  • Registered Education Providers (REPS) are part of a Scrum Alliance developed program for instructors and training organizations that offer certification and non-certification courses pertinent to Agile and Scrum professionals. The (REP) program provides training organizations with affiliation and endorsement by Scrum Alliance.

If your team is facing any of the following challenges, then you should enlist a CST or REP to help you overcome them:
  • Your team is new to Scrum and needs to learn the fundamentals of Scrum.
  • Your ScrumMaster or product owner has knowledge gaps that must be filled.
  • Your developers need Scrum training just for developers.

About coaching

Becoming more Agile with Scrum isn't something that happens overnight. To succeed, your team likely will need training and mentoring. You may need an experienced coach at your disposal to help you fully embrace Scrum.

Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise CoachSM (CECs) are experts in Scrum theory and practice. CECs bring Scrum out of the classroom and into your world of work. Coaches help you learn how to master the new team patterns, increased collaboration, and high performance that Scrum requires — and ultimately position you for success. CECs understand how Scrum impacts leadership and team member responsibilities.

Coaches have an in-depth understanding of how Scrum impacts leadership and team member responsibilities. They have successfully applied Scrum principles and practices in the real world. If your team is facing the following roadblocks, then you should enlist a CEC to help you remove the barriers:
  • Your ScrumMaster needs a mentor.
  • Your product owner needs help learning how to work with a product backlog.
  • Your team is having trouble breaking sprint backlog items into task lists.
  • Your sprints consistently end with unfinished work.
  • Estimating is so hard that your sprint planning lasts beyond its time-box.
  • Management underestimates the scope of the organizational change necessary for Scrum to be successful.
  • You are facing challenges with multiteam Scrum projects.
  • Your organization is having difficulty implementing the Scrum framework in conjunction with other methods.
  • Your team is encountering obstacles with organizational impediments.
  • Your organization needs coaching and guidance on how to scale Scrum.

Find a CST, CEC, or Scrum Alliance REP — and put your team on the path to becoming more Agile.