Moving Way Beyond “What Sort of Works”: The Geonetric Story

Learning Consortium Webinar Series

Eric Engelmann, President and CEO of Geonetric



In this webinar, Eric Engelmann explained how Geonetric implemented Agile company-wide after experiencing early success with Agile adoption in their software teams.

“We saw software releases hitting targets,” Eric said, “meeting both scope and deadline requirements. Our software development was accelerating with each sprint, almost doubling in speed over the course of a year.” Eric felt challenged by the boundaries of traditional management thinking. “As a team, we recognized the traditional management model was broken.”

After a lot of soul-searching, Geonetric took the huge leap — and capital investment — to rethink everything and apply Agile across the entire organization to the furthest extent they could imagine.

Eric demonstrated how to:

  • Flatten the org chart.
  • Ditch traditional departments.
  • Open up in radical transparency.
  • Create a peer-accountable culture.
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Eric Engelmann is the president and CEO of Geonetric, a nationally recognized company based in Cedar Rapids that builds websites and online marketing solutions for hospitals and health care systems around the country.

Eric is a board member of Scrum Alliance. He is the founder and managing director of the Iowa Startup Accelerator. He is building Iowa's first 90-day start-up accelerator program.

Eric is an associate professor at the University of Iowa and mentors start-ups. 
By background, Eric is a software engineer. He has developed database-driven web-based applications for numerous industries; advised clients on Internet strategy and technology approach.