Webinar from Our Sponsor | The Risks of Separating UI/UX from Your Development Cycle: A Product Managers' POV 
With David Abramson


One of the many challenges faced by Product Managers and UX practitioners today is where to fit the UI and UX process into their software development lifecycles. Agile software development, for instance, doesn’t typically include a place for UX methods unless it’s actively managed with UI/UX goals in mind.

This webinar will uncover ways to integrate UX into an Agile environment. Anyone involved in software development projects knows that many parts have to come together to create cohesive products – meeting not only your business needs, but also delighting your end users. Without a unified Agile development lifecycle, it can lead to disjointed solutions and products with an inconsistent look and poor usability.


David Abramson has more than 10 years experience in full lifecycle product development, from product inception through general availability. He has shepherded multiple analytics and business intelligence products, and has worked with hundreds of customers  both enterprises and ISVs  to support data-driven application implementations.