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With Brandon Cipes, VP of DevOps



cprimeDevOps is perhaps the hottest practice in application development right now. Software is eating the world, automation is king, and your competition isn't waiting around. People want to know more about DevOps, but "DevOps" means many things to many people. It's a methodology, a toolset, a process, a culture, — nay, even a state of mind!

Learn more about how DevOps is practically applied inside an organization. What departments are affected? What tools do you need? How efficient can teams really get? What does the ROI argument look like? We'll go over cPrime's Agile approach to DevOps and answer questions from the audience.


BrandonCipes.pngBrandon is an innovative and results-driven professional with experience overhauling and refactoring systems, software, and processes to bring modern solutions to new and existing business challenges. He has a proven track record of conceiving and delivering large scale projects on time, and utilizing the latest in cloud technology and the Agile and DevOps methodologies. Brandon is focused on people with a history of building teams, nurturing a healthy and productive culture, and developing sustainable solutions within ecommerce, supply chain, operations and entertainment fields. Some of his previous clients include NBC, ABC, Fitbit, Guthy-Renker, Hughes Research Labs, Nestle, Epicor, Magento, and Sears.