Webinar from Our Sponsor | Agile Transformation Reaches Beyond Just Process
With Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime, and Laszlo Szalvay, cPrime VP Agile Services


Agile and DevOps adoption commonly involves numerous initiatives and complex strategies. Process is treated as a separate goal in relation to technology. Agile Coaches insist on remaining tool agnostic, while the experts who understand software do not know Agile methods. To connect the entire application lifecycle, organizations must address this fragmented approach and siloed method for delivering solutions. There is increased and proven value brought to organizations when tools are tightly integrated and automated to support processes. This approach, pioneered by cPrime, is called Software Services Lifecycle Management (SSLM). It calls for processes and tools to converge in order to support the connected world of software delivery. With a unified approach, companies see increased visibility, productivity and efficiencies, not just among teams, but among all departments in the organization.

SSLM unifies the teams, processes, and tools used to build applications through a combined approach to software services. It removes the cultural barriers that result in siloed operations and disconnected software delivery workflows. SSLM promotes an integrated and comprehensive approach that supports the software goals of an organization. As Agile and DevOps reach further into the enterprise, SSLM establishes the need to look at how all tools and processes complement each other, and provides practical steps to create a cohesive services strategy.

Hear how this approach is revolutionizing the Agile services industry and our approach to adoption.


Zubin Irani’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree from USC and Master's degrees from Columbia and UC Berkeley. He started his professional career at Deloitte implementing large complex IT projects before becoming the youngest director at DirecTV. After a successful tenure, he left to build cPrime. As CEO of cPrime, he led the company to six consecutive years on the list of of the Top 50 fastest growing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.


In August 2000, Laszlo Szalvay co-founded Danube Technologies, Inc. Danube introduced ScrumWorks into the market. The product achieved success and was adopted by over 125,000 active users. Danube also trained over 11,000 CSMs/CSPOs worldwide until being acquired by CollabNet. Currently, Laszlo serves as Vice President of Agile Services at cPrime. In this role, he drives the company’s Agile practice area. Laszlo graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2000, where he studied economics and earned departmental honors. He lives in Washington State with his wife, Alison, and their daughters.