Collaboration at Scale: Managing Technical Architectures

With David Pollak, founder and CEO of Telegram, Chris Richardson, creator of, and Luke Hohmann, founder and CEO at Conteneo Inc.


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Although not explicitly stated in the Scrum Guide, arguably the most important artifact in all of Scrum is the product that the Development Team is creating in each sprint. Unfortunately, too many organizations struggle to manage their technical architectures in a manner that enables them to realize greater agility.

In this lively talk, David, Chris, and Luke presented specific techniques that Scrum Teams can use to manage their technical architectures. We talked about techniques to Visible Architectures, which are physical models of software systems, how to identify "as-is" and "to-be" changes to ensure your architecture evolves, how to leverage Conway's law to your advantage by aligning technical changes to Scrum Teams, and finally, how to augment Visible Architectures with powerful business frameworks that enable architects to "speak the business language" of product owners and other business leaders so that architectural models become architectural realities.

About the Collaboration at Scale Webinar Series

A joint production of Scrum Alliance® and Conteneo Inc., the Collaboration at Scale webinar series is designed to provide a series of focused, outcome-driven solutions to collaboration problems faced by CSPOs®, ScrumMasters, and Scrum Team members in organizations of 10 or more Scrum Teams.


Dave Pollak
Dave_PollakDavid Pollak is an eclectic developer and architect who has made a number of significant contributions to developers around the world. David is presently founder and CEO of Telegram, Simply Beautiful CMS. An early adopter of Scala and author of Beginning Scala, David founded the Lift web framework project. Prior to that, David was Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Cenzic, where he helped to define the web application security category to build Cenzic's Hailstorm technology. David received a BA in Psychology and Economics from Rhode Island College in 1987, a JD from Boston University School of Law in 1991, and was admitted to the Rhode Island Bar in 1992.

Chris Richardson
Chris_RichardsonChris Richardson is a developer and architect. He is a Java Champion, a JavaOne rock star, and the author of POJOs in Action, which describes how to build enterprise Java applications with frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. Chris is also the founder of the original, an early Java PaaS for Amazon EC2. Today, he is a recognized thought leader in microservices and speaks regularly at international conferences. Chris is the creator of, a website describing how to develop and deploy microservices. He provides microservices consulting and training, and is working on his third startup — Eventuate, an application platform for developing microservices. Chris has a Computer Science degree from the University of Cambridge in England and lives in Oakland, CA.

Luke Hohmann
Luke_HohmannLuke Hohmann is the founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc. (formerly the Innovation Games Company). Conteneo’s enterprise software platforms and professional services merge collaboration frameworks, data analytics, and domain expertise to help organizations optimize decision making in the areas of strategy, innovation, sales, product development, and market research. Luke is also co-founder of Every Voice Engaged Foundation (EVEF), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that that helps citizens, governments, and other nonprofit organizations collaborate at scale to solve technical and wicked problems. EVEF has been a leader in the Participatory Budgeting movement, helping citizens prioritize hundreds of millions of dollars through budget games. EVEF has also partnered with the Kettering Foundation to create Common Ground for Action, the first platform for scalable deliberative decision making. Luke is thankful for the thousands of colleagues from the Agile community who have donated their time to EVEF.