Transforming the World of Work Through Leadership Development
With Peter Green, CST®


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An Agile approach is more than a process change at the team level. It’s a fundamental change in how we organize our thinking to bring about effective outcomes – especially in today's rapidly changing climate. All organizations have the capability to thrive, but getting there depends on a change in the approach to leadership. A key factor in this change is ongoing leadership development at all levels. The Scrum Alliance® Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program is intended to catalyze the lifelong development of leaders so they continue to lead with lasting and impactful change.


Peter Green
Peter_Headshot_A4A.pngPeter Green is an Agile leadership development coach and trainer who helps leaders unlock their full potential to create outcomes that matter. Peter began his experience as the leader of Adobe's Agile transformation from 2005-2015, where he played a pivotal role in helping the company transition to a subscription, cloud-based business model. As a member of Agile For All, he helps organizations and leaders create purpose-driven, high-engagement, successful businesses. Peter co-created the Certified Agile Leadership learning objectives and CAL I and II program structure with Pete Behrens, Angela Johnson, and Scrum Alliance in 2016, and is a founding member of the CAL Educator peer review team.