Tangible Scrum
With Fabian Schwartz, CSP-SM™, CSP-PO™, CSM®, CSPO®

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Scrum helps us to collaborate more, get rapid feedback, and drive down uncertainty. Those are all points that would also help cprojects outside of technology. The question is how to apply Scrum in areas like Construction, Oil and Gas, or Manufacturing?

In this webinar, Fabian Schwartz presented ideas on how to apply Scrum in the following projects.

Scrum in Construction
We will use Stanford´s Martin Fisher’s concept of Integrating Project Delivery as a base. This concept is already applied in various construction frprojects. Then, we will modify it a little to get a Scrum in Construction model.

Scrum in Oil & Gas
In 1995 when oil prices started to increase, the cost per barrel did the same. When oil prices then plummeted in 2014, the cost of oil did not. Therefore, oil companies must look at their project efficiency much more today. This can be done by introducing more agility into the organization. We will see what is necessary for Scrum to work in oil and gas companies.

Scrum in Manufacturing
WikiSpeed´s Joe Justice is credited with the creation of Extreme Manufacturing (XM). We will see how XM works and how Scrum fits into that. Furthermore, we are going to explore the other two columns of XM.


Fabian Schwartz

Fabian Schwartz has more than 15 years of experience in the tech sector. He has served in many roles in the IT industry, including developer, tester, trainer, as well as project and program manager. Over the past nine years, he has also grown from being an early adopter of Agile to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP-SM, CSP-PO) and public speaker. He has done significant training, coaching, and mentoring in Agile development and project management. Fabian is passionate about helping his clients to achieve their goals and improve their performance by leveraging Agile approaches.