Making Your User Stories “Ready” to Get to “Done”
With Ellen Gottesdiener, Founder of EBG Consulting


One of the most challenging and trouble-prone aspects of Agile product development is discovering the right product requirements to deliver at the right time for the right customer. Many teams rely on user stories to discover and define Agile product requirements. In reality, user stories often lead to a confusing array of struggles and puzzles, such as bloated backlogs, ineffective or inconsistent planning, and erratic sprint flow. This thrashing is not how user stories are intended to work.

EBG’s Ellen Gottesdiener discussed a common sense, tested approach to user stories. With a laser-like focus on delivering value, you followed a story as it’s sliced across the 7 Product Dimensions. Learn how the Structured Conversation framework enables you to quickly explore, evaluate, and confirm stories. See how making your user stories “ready” is the key for incremental delivery of your “Done” product.

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Ellen Gottesdiener

EBGEllen Gottesdiener helps product and development communities produce valuable outcomes through product agility. She is a pioneer in the collaborative convergence of Agile product management, product requirements, and organizational learning.

Ellen is a coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and writer. Her most recent book — coauthored with Mary Gorman — is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. She is author of two other acclaimed books: Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger.

Ellen is chief product owner and founder of EBG Consulting, which helps product management and development organizations amplify discovery to accelerate delivery.