Disruptive Thinking
With Mark C. Layton, CST®, Founder of Platinum Edge


Disruptive Thinking is survival. Our circumstances are constantly changing, and we must think and act in new ways. The dogmas of the past are often inadequate for the complexities of the present and future. In this thought-provoking session, Mark C. Layton — author of Agile Project Management for Dummies and Scrum for Dummies — disucssed the specifics of Disruptive Thinking: its history, what disruptions are occurring today, which are on the horizon, and how you can create an environment that fosters innovation and uses disruption as a tool for sustainable success.


Mark C. Layton, known globally as Mr. Agile®, is an organizational strategist and PMI certification instructor with over 20 years in the project/program management field. He is the Los Angeles chair for the Agile Leadership Network and is the founder of Platinum Edge, Inc.—an organizational improvement company that supports businesses making the Waterfall-to-Agile transition.

Prior to founding Platinum Edge in 2001, Mark developed his expertise as a consulting firm executive, program management coach, and as an in-the-trenches project leader. He also spent 11 years as a Cryptographic Specialist for the US Air Force, where he earned both Commendation and Achievement medals for his accomplishments.

Mark holds MBAs from UCLA and the National University of Singapore; a B.Sc. (summa cum laude) in Behavioral Science from University of La Verne; and an A.S. in Electronic Systems from the Air Force’s Air College. He is also a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force’s Leadership School, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), and a recipient of Stanford University’s advanced project management certification (SCPM).

Mark is the author of both Wiley & Sons Agile Project Management for Dummies series and their Scrum for Dummies series, and is a frequent speaker on Lean, Scrum, XP, and other Agile solutions.