Agile Leadership Webinar: Creating Hyperproductive Organizations with Enterprise Social Systems
With Erich Bühler



In this webinar, Erich Bühler, CSM, CSP, Agile Consultant at Assurity Consulting Ltd., taught us the essentials of enterprise social models – social density, social visibility, blocking collaboration, and more - to create a fast pace adaptable company. Understanding enterprise social models gives you a fresh insight into how a hyperproductive organization works and how you can achieve better information flow, learning, knowledge retention , and quality to effectively change your company´s culture. With these new ideas, you can challenge your existing mental models and experiment with new concepts, ideas, and practices.


Erich Bühler

Erich Bühler is a Senior Agile Consultant and CSM who has been helping organizations since 1993. He is the author of the first guide for successful social designs for Agile and digital organizations. The guide has allowed Agile coaches and consultants to create better and safer enterprises, be more flexible, and become more adaptable and able to balance learning with outstanding delivery. He also organized the First ScrumDay in Spain and Chile and has been lecturing in many international events in Asia, Europe, and America.