Agile HR | People Operations
With Fabiola Eyholzer, CEO at JLS - Just Leading Solutions LLC (People Operations | Agile HR)


Agile teams deserve amazing people solutions aligned with their values and principles. It is up to Human Resources to become “People Operations” and create an inspiring and engaging workplace where everyone can thrive.

But meeting the demands of Agile teams with traditional people solutions is a challenge. These are the top 10 issues Agile teams are most frustrated about when it comes to their HR practices:

  1. Performance management kills team dynamic and agility.
  2. Bonus models do not foster Agile values and undermine collaborative behavior.
  3. Employee appraisals are too ritualistic and infrequent to keep up with fast feedbacks.
  4. Talent development is not in line with continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
  5. HR overlooks to also hire for mindset, ability, and conduct to thrive in Agile teams.
  6. HR cares more about policies and regulations than helping us unlock our potential.
  7. HR is more concerned about the outdated notion of retention than engagement.
  8. HR instruments are too static and do not inspire meaning and growth.
  9. HR does not connect with people and cannot be trusted to act in our best interest.
  10. HR does not get Agile and is not interested in understanding it.

Fabiola discussed these concerns and outlined how to approach traditional HR practices in a more contemporary manner to align them with an Agile mindset.


Fabiola Eyholzer (CSPO, SPC 4.0) is an expert and thought leader in Lean | Agile People Operations – the 21st century HR approach – and CEO of Just Leading Solutions LLC, a New York-based consultancy for Agile HR.

Fabiola is a seasoned management consultant and executive advisor with key expertise in enterprise agility, human resources, compensation and performance management, operations and processes, and strategy. As trusted advisor, she helps enterprises accelerate their Agile transformation by focusing on their key asset: their people.

Feel free to connect with Fabiola via Twitter (@FabiolaEyholzer) or LinkedIn.