Agility & Docker

with Jon Christensen, founder of Kelsus, LLC




Why should containerization and your DevOps pipeline have anything to do with being Agile? Because when it comes to agile software development, tools and technologies matter. Being able to reliably and efficiently deploy new software with high quality every Sprint (or every day!) just isn’t possible without a robust continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. We'll talk about the set of tools and processes we use at each stage in the pipeline and highlight how they can enhance your ability to adhere to the twelve Agile principles.

Curt_Carlson.jpegJon Christensen is the founder of Kelsus, Inc and has spent the past 10 years training his team to be a high level, modern software development organization. As someone who works with designers, marketers, developers, product managers, and company executives, Jon knows how to communicate complex topics at a level that fits the experience of his audience. Jon is also a frequent speaker and recently gave a talk at Gluecon 2018 on CI/CD with Docker and AWS.

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