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Core Scrum

Core Scrum is an information resource for Scrum and Agile practitioners. Here, you will find information about Scrum roles, activities and artifacts.

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Certifications in Scrum, the leading framework for Agile software development.

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Tackle all complex projects with Scrum

Transform the way you approach complex projects and become more Agile in software development and beyond.

While Agile development originally focused on software development, other industries are opting to incorporate Agile frameworks like Scrum into their business processes. After all, speed, flexibility, and complexity are issues that face every department and industry – not just software development.

Companies are more pressed than ever before to bring products to market faster while maintaining quality. To do so, efficiency, collaboration, communication, and clearly defined goals and results are crucial. And that’s where Scrum can help.

Using iterative, incremental practices, Scrum helps you manage and control product development – regardless of what you’re developing. “Product” in this case is loosely defined. It can refer to a physical item, an event, software, and much more. Scrum has been successfully applied in education, government, and in a wide variety of industries including venture capitalism, automotive design, and retail. The end result: projects were successfully completed and teams felt a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment.

What will Scrum do for you?

Through Scrum, you will learn how to form and participate in a high-performing, collaborative team that is equipped to tackle the most complex projects. The proven Scrum framework empowers team members to be more innovative and creative. Setting clear expectations, defining success, and communicating are all three pivotal parts of the framework. By focusing on measurable results and understanding what’s needed throughout the process, you will experience a greater sense of accomplishment, be able to avoid rework, and deliver an end product that meets what customers truly need.
When work becomes more satisfying, you become happier. And that empowers you to further advance your career with new opportunities and a salary that reflects your skills. Not to mention, it makes your life more rewarding.
Scrum Alliance is here to help you make all of this possible. We’ll help you sit atop the project management pedestal by inspiring you to apply Scrum in creative ways and ultimately transform the world of work. From our expert training and coaching to our global network of successful members, you will find the advocacy, community, and education that can help you achieve project management brilliance in all that you do.   


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