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Core Scrum

Core Scrum is an information resource for Scrum and Agile practitioners. Here, you will find information about Scrum roles, activities and artifacts. 

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Certifications in Scrum, the leading framework for Agile software development.

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Scrum Trainers, Coaches & REPs

Your skills are in demand. Share the value of Agile and Scrum with eager development teams and companies – and help transform the world of work.

Scrum trainers and coaches play crucial roles in creating Agile workplaces. You’ve experienced firsthand the power of Scrum. Now, you can help others transform their complex projects with greater innovation and efficiency by sharing your passion as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) or Certified Scrum Coach (CSC).

Congratulations and welcome to our new Trainers, Coaches, and REPs.

Certified Scrum Trainer

Continue your Scrum journey by becoming a CST. As a CST, you are licensed to teach the Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses. The application process is rigorous, but the rewards are significant. You’ll help others understand the principles and values that form the foundation for Scrum. And you’ll grow as an individual and professional as you find creative ways to help organizations and your peers adopt this Agile framework and capitalize on its benefits.

Certified Scrum Coach

If you are an expert in Scrum – in both theory and practice – you may have what it takes to become a CSC. In this role, you’ll help organizations and teams take Scrum out of the classroom and into the real world of work. As a coach, you’ll guide the team through the sweeping organizational change required to achieve success. After all, you’ve been there before and you understand the challenges and how good it feels to become more Agile. Just imagine how rewarding it will be to help others experience the transformation.
And just as you are there for your teams, Scrum Alliance will be there for you. We’ll make sure you have access to the latest coaching methods and examples of successful implementations. And we’ll shine the spotlight on your students’ success, so you receive the recognition you deserve for helping them succeed. But most importantly, we’ll provide the professional support that will make you one of the best coaches in Scrum.

Registered Education Provider

Expand your certification offerings by teaching Agile methodologies, including the most popular Agile framework – Scrum. By offering Scrum certification and non-certification courses as a Registered Education Provider (REP), you can grow your business and help companies and software developers become more successful. You may guide technically minded individuals through the Certified Scrum Developer courses. By teaching Scrum and other Agile-related frameworks, you may also prepare individuals to excel at Scrum and take their current certification to the next level – Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).
The Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider (REP) program provides organizations with affiliation and endorsement by the Scrum Alliance.  Scrum Alliance supports our REPs by posting your approved classes online, displaying your logo on our website, and offering discounts to our conferences and networking events. 


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