Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator Application Review Committee


The CAL Educator Application Review Team is the peer review arm of CAL Educator application process. Together with Scrum Alliance staff members, the CAL Educator Application Review Team evaluates applications from trainers who would like to become approved to teach the CAL I and CAL II programs.

Candidate Requirements

Interested applicants must hold the CAL Educator (CAL-E) designation (of which a prerequisite is CST® and/or CEC)


Members of the CAL Educator Application Review Committee are required to: 
  • Actively hold and use the CAL Educator designation
  • Participate in monthly conference calls 
  • Review incoming CAL Educator applications
  • Provide mentoring and feedback to candidates
  • Meet regularly to review and provides feedback on:
    • CAL program structure
    • CAL learning objectives
    • CAL I and CAL II marketing strategies 
    • CAL I and CAL II educational offerings 
  • Comply with all Scrum Alliance® policies, including those related to confidentiality, conflict of interest, copyright assignment, and Code of Ethics 


Scrum Alliance pays a small stipend per completed review.


CAL Educator Application Review members serve a one-year term, with an opportunity to be considered for up to two (2) additional one-year terms.


Up to five (5) community members and one (1) Scrum Alliance staff member.

Available opportunities

There are currently two available positions on the CAL Educator Review Committee. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply using the link below.