Agile Coaching Retreat Advisors

We’re calling on the agile coaching community and those who are passionate about helping coaches connect and learn from each other. This initiative is to establish a persistent group of coaching retreat advisors with regularly recurring retreats in multiple regions around the world.  

We are looking for a Scrum-sized team of Agile Coaching Retreat Advisors to work with Scrum Alliance on this initiative, which will be shepherded by Alex Sloley.  We hope to establish a team of agile coaches that represents diverse voices and experience levels globally. 

As a Coaching Retreat Advisorā€‹:

  • You'll work closely with the initiative shepherd, coaching retreat organizers, and Scrum Alliance staff to support Agile Coaching Retreats in your geographic regions
  • You'll work collaboratively with Scrum Alliance staff and other Coaching Retreat advisors to create a cohesive vision.
  • You have a pulse on agile coaching as a profession and can help identify regions of opportunity for Agile Coaching Retreats.
  • You likely have hosted (and/or participated in) a Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat and are familiar with the format.
  • You will work with retreat organizers in your region to provide guidance on event format, location, and other aspects that will make the retreat successful.
  • You have previous experience planning an event or conference. 
  • You have a strong network that you can leverage to promote the event, and can reach out to for event support.
Initiative acceptance criteria to consider:
  • I want a regularly occurring retreat in my region that I can get to easily.
  • The global vision should unite the regional retreats and yet allow us flexibility to adapt the format that works best for our region.
  • The support and guidance of agile coaching retreat advisors will enable regional organizing teams to put on awesome events.
  • I want to meet and connect with diverse coaches.
  • I want to build deep connections, practice my agile with teams at the retreat, and produce a great product that can help everyone in the community.
  • I want to be able to leverage this event to help me on my journey to become a Certified Agile Coach®.

We will use the following criteria to select team members:
  • Actual experience coaching individuals, teams, organizations
  • Previously attended a Scrum Alliance Agile Coaching Retreat
  • Some experience in organizing agile conferences or events
  • Availability to meet regularly

Along with individual criteria, we want to create a balanced team:

  • Different event and conference experiences
  • Global representation

This opportunity is open to any Scrum Alliance member (minimum of CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO preferred).

Interested in making an impact? 
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