Agile Coaching Competencies

Calling on the Agile Coaching community and those that are passionate about raising the bar of the Agile Coaching profession. This initiative is to establish a baseline set of competencies for Agile Coaches, that is broad enough to give a balanced foundation for Agile Coaches.  


As an Agile Coach:

  • I want a definition of agile coaching competencies
  • So that I can identify and grow within a profession of Agile Coaching

Acceptance Criteria

  • I want a clear understanding of the competencies required for me to be a great Agile Coach
  • The competencies should be broad enough to represent all of the stances Agile Coaches take
  • I want to be able to self assess where I am against the core competencies
  • I want the market to understand what an Agile Coach is and the value a coach can bring
  • I want to be differentiated by being able to sign up to this definition of Agile Coaching
  • I want to be able to sign up to a set of ethical guidelines as to how I will be as an Agile Coach and what a client can expect

This initiative has been identified as key to help the Scrum Alliance support existing and aspiring Agile Coaches. By creating the Agile Coaching competencies, we hope to: 

  • Strengthen the knowledge and skills of agile coaches that align on a universal understanding of what it means to be an Agile Coach
  • Use the competencies as a foundation to provide aspiring Certified Agile Coaches with educational resources to support them on their journey
  • Increase community engagement through volunteer initiatives and support for a growing community of Agile Coaches

We are looking for a Scrum-sized team to work on this initiative, which will be shepherded by Mark Summers and Brock Argue. We hope to establish a diverse team, representing the voices of Agile Coaches globally. It is important to have Agile Coaches with different levels of experience represented, so this opportunity is not limited to Certified Agile Coaches (CEC/CTC). 


On selecting team members we will use the following criteria:

  • actual experience coaching individuals, teams, organizations
  • some amount of formal training in coaching, facilitation, consulting and/or teaching
  • availability to meet regularly

As well as individual criteria we will want to create a balanced team:

  • Different coaching focus (i.e. some who work with teams, others who work with leaders, e.t.c)
  • Different coaching schools, there are many approaches to Agile Coaching, we want different approaches to be represented
  • Global representation
  • This team is open to Certified Agile Coaches, Certified Scrum Professionals (who work as Agile Coaches) and Agile Coaches outside of the Scrum Alliance community.
This opportunity is now closed.