2020 North American Gathering Team (NAGT)

Scrum Alliance® Global Scrum Gatherings offer practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share their passion and knowledge about Scrum and Agile. North American Global Scrum Gatherings take place every spring and feature presentations from experts in the field, networking events, and exclusive opportunities to share experiences amongst the Agile community.
Team Vision
The North American Gathering Team (NAGT) exists to create an impactful program that speaks to Agile practitioners and business professionals through high-quality learning experiences, exclusive opportunities, and innovative event elements. The goal is to establish the Global Scrum GatheringSM as a must-attend, world-class event.
Team Membership
The Gathering Team consists of up to ten (10) members, all of whom are members of the Scrum Alliance community, either via membership, certification, or staff. The selection of team members is based (in part) on subject-matter expertise (SME), along with balanced representation of the Scrum Alliance membership. Selection criteria includes diversity consideration such as geography (members of the NAGT must be located in North America), ethnicity, industry, local site knowledge, previous Gathering participation, and gender. A Gathering Team member who has been involved with a past Gathering will serve as the Program Advisor. On behalf of Scrum Alliance: a member of the Events staff will serve as Product Owner; a member of the Education staff will serve as content/instructional design SME; and, a member of the staff will serve with administration support.

Team members contribute via email, SMS applications, and teleconference, and are required to attend up to three face-to-face meetings each year, as well the North American Scrum Gatherings during their term. Team members will be asked to sign an agreement at the beginning of their term and are expected to abide by the agreement and Scrum Alliance code of conduct, as well as the working agreement designed by the entire program team. Expectations for work outside of face-to-face meetings involve up to three (3) hours/week and 80% of scheduled calls.
Team member terms are for one (1) North American Gathering, with a commitment of approximately 16 months. There is an opportunity to extend and serve for a second term on the NAGT.
Currently there are three-to-five (3-5) openings on the North American Gathering Team (NAGT).
The team shall meet on a regular cadence outlined in the working agreement, and will meet more frequently as circumstances require. Team membership is a substantial volunteer commitment beginning a minimum of 15 months prior to the Gathering dates and up to one-month post Gathering.

Team Members:
  • Create program themes
  • Develop detailed timeline for submission and review process
  • Promote the open call for submissions and encourage and/or curate submissions
  • Recruit diverse group of session reviewers for approval and serve as PO for these reviewers
  • Finalize review and session selection
  • Create a final program of all accepted sessions including their scheduled day and time
  • Act as Global Scrum GatheringSM ambassadors, including encouraging registration and engagement
  • Onsite responsibilities vary but may include:
    • Being present for the entire North American Gathering (Sunday through Wednesday)
    • Providing welcome remarks each morning
    • Introducing keynote speakers and facilitators
    • Providing closing remarks
    • Facilitating community engagement through Gathering ambassadorship
    • Recommend and curate any ‘special features’
    • Integrate and solicit event feedback for future design and current improvements
Suggested Support:
  • Recommending innovative keynote speakers who align with the direction of the Gathering
  • Assist in promoting the Gathering to the Scrum Alliance communities, and other markets
  • Highlighting areas of interest in host cities
Please note: Team members may not be included in the Gathering’s speaking sessions.
Scrum Alliance Staff Support:
  • Overall approval on program content
  • Manage paper submission system
    • Develop and send speaker accept/reject letters
    • Distribute Speaker Acknowledgement forms
  • Marketing - logo development, program guide, signage, print materials, social media, mobile app
  • All event management logistics, including site selection, catering, vendor and venue management
  • Manage facility space allocation and programming layout
  • Organize any pre-Gathering Retreats and/or TAC
  • Secure facilitators for add-on events such as Retreats, Coaches Clinic®, etc.
  • Monday Mingle
  • Hotels/lodging
  • Budget
Team members will receive economy-class airfare, lodging, airport transfers, and meals for up to three face-to-face meetings per Gathering year. Team members will also receive economy-class airfare, lodging (up to five nights), airport transfers, and meals for all scheduled North American Gatherings during their term.
How to Apply
Please submit your full contact information and a link to a short and creative video (up to 5 minutes) with the following information about yourself:
  • Brief description of your background including your involvement in the Scrum Alliance community and any certifications you might hold
  • Brief description of prior conference involvement, Scrum Gathering® or otherwise
  • Why you would like to be a member of the Gathering Team and how you can contribute to the vision
  • Confirmation that you are available for the first face-to-face meeting February 7-8, 2019** (potential travel dates on February 6th and 9th)
  • Confirmation that you are available to attend Global Scrum GatheringSM Austin (May 19-22, 2019), Global Scrum GatheringSM New York (May 11-13, 2020) and NA Global Scrum GatheringSM 2021 (location TBD).
NOTE: Video submissions are required for this opportunity
**It is imperative for all Gathering Team members to be present for each face-to-face meeting. If you cannot be available on this date, please apply for a future opportunity.
Application Deadline: December 16, 2018; All video submissions must be received by midnight MST on this date. Only complete submissions (including video) will be considered.
Questions?  Please email Alexxis Holquin at volunteer@scrumalliance.org