Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise CoachSM (CEC)

Am I Ready?

Requirements for Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise CoachSM certification

Below is a checklist that may prove useful in determining whether you are ready to become a CEC.

  • I hold an active Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP-SM™ or CSP-PO™) designation.
  • I have significant hands-on experience in at least one of the roles on a Scrum Team.
  • I have coached in 3 or more organizations, departments, or programs.
  • I have a minimum of 3 years and 2,000 hours of experience coaching at the enterprise/organizational level or a combination of enterprise and multi-team level coaching.
  • I have a diversity of coaching experiences that I can demonstrate using different client engagement examples, and which include experience at the organizational level.
  • I have formal and informal education about coaching and strong mentor relationships.
  • I have a good working knowledge of Agile and Lean values, principles, and practices.
  • I have helped individuals, teams, and leadership to understand and apply Agile and Lean values, principles, and practices effectively.
  • I understand the dynamics, patterns, and development of multi-level teams and how they interact at the organizational level.
  • I can clearly describe the difference between consulting and coaching and know when to apply each.
Professional Collaboration
  • I can provide two different client recommendations and one mentor recommendation to verify my coaching experience and skills.
  • I have had active engagement in, contribution to, and leadership in, the Scrum community over a minimum of 3 years
  • I have participated in at least 5 private or public Scrum- or Agile-related events and have contributed to some of these as an organizer, presenter, collaborator or facilitator.
  • I have contributed to significant improvements in organizations or departments through coaching techniques.
  • I have helped organizations and teams beyond the basics of Scrum theory and practice.
  • I have enabled organizations to find their own solutions to business problems through the application of Agile principles.
  • I am familiar with, promote and embody the mindset of Servant Leadership.
  • I use a rich set of facilitation, training and coaching tools, and models.


The requirements listed here are intended to be an overview (and not a comprehensive list) to help applicants make an informed decision as to whether or not they are ready to apply. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the CEC program. Quality and aptitude will be reviewed in detail through the formal application process.